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Treatment of parodontitis



Parodontitis increases a risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Parodontitis and cardiovascular diseases – this connection may at first sound a bit strange, but it is not the case. Gingival inflammation is a substantial risk factor for the occurrence of the cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. This is the result of various researches.  Parodontitis is in the meantime compared to classic risk factors of cardiovascular diseases such as increased levels of the blood fat, high blood pressure and overweight. Results of the studies show that parodontitis patients can have up to 1,7 time higher risk for cardiovascular diseases.











Treatment of parodontitis covers first of all intensive cleaning of the gingival pocket and smoothing of the upper surface of the roots. Regular check-ups are required after such a treatment and if needed also local surgery actions. In case the acceptable situation of gingival pockets has been achieved, it is necessary to keep it as long as possible. It requires perfect mouth hygiene from the patient´s side and teeth cleaning in our dental surgery twice a year.