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Treatment according to the moon phases





There are many people who live in accordance with the lunar calendar or in other words, who are governed by the lunar calendar, they have certain days where they do certain things. For example, yesterday it was a good day for beauty or hair and the next day is a good day for the dentist and dental treatment.

There are studies in the dental medicine which show that some treatments are accompanied by fewer complications when the moon is in a certain phase.

Basically you do not need to necessarily follow the lunar calendar in case of smaller treatments such as prophylaxis or removal of the dental calculus.

But there are the days which are more suitable in case of more complicated treatment such as surgery operation. In case of surgery operations in the mouth, you should not undergo it in the taurus days. That means if the moon is in the taurus days, the operation in the mouth is highly unsuitable.


If you follow the lunar calendar and wish to be treated on a certain day, we like to do it for you.