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Cooperation with health insurance companies Dôvera and Union.

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Total narcosis

We offer the option of total narcosis in our dental surgery for our patients. Therefore we work with a skilled anaesthetist who cares for a smooth course of the treatment. After the treatment you wake up and after approximately 1.5 hours you go home again. Treatment in the total narcosis is offered mainly in the following situations:

  • extensive treatment of teeth
  • surgery actions
  • patients with extreme phobia of dental treatment
  • disabled persons/kids by whom a regular treatment is impossible


All the required actions are realised at once within the framework of treatment under the total narcosis: removal of damaged teeth, filling of carious lesions as well as professional teeth cleaning.



Following rules shall be kept prior to the treatment in total narcosis:

  • stay hungry – do not eat and drink 6-8 hours prior to the treatment, on the day of the treatment take with you only easily digestible food,
  • do not smoke 6 hours before the treatment,
  • do not drink alcohol one day before the treatment,
  • remove the contact lens and dentures,
  • do not apply make-up and fingernail polish on a day of treatment,
  • do not wear jewellery,
  • an adult person who takes you safely home and gives you 24-hour care is required in case of total narcosis in the dental surgery,
  • it is forbidden to use public transport vehicles and drive a car 36 hours after the narcosis,
  • eat only easily digestible food up to 36 hours after the treatment, do not smoke, avoid alcohol consumption and use only the medicaments that have been consulted with the anaesthetist,
  • do not stay alone during the first 24 hours after the treatment.

You can get more information and time dates in our dental surgery or via telephone, resp. e-mail.