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Professional cleaning of the teeth – teeth whitening

Wellness for your teeth

In case of professional teeth cleaning not only the harmful tartar deposits are removed but also disturbing colouring which occurs through coffee, tobacco or red wine deposits. Even if you clean your teeth with big effort, use electric tooth-brush, dental floss or special brushes for areas among the teeth, there are always niches which are better achieved by our prophylaxis assistants.  Even the hardly accessible areas are cleaned using the modern type devices during one-hour session. This treatment should be carried out twice a year, depending upon the individual sickness risk.


Complete bundle professional teeth cleaning for adults and children




Teeth cleaning during pregnancy


Due to the hormonal changes in a body during the pregnancy, the teeth and gums require special care. The so called pregnancy gingivitis can be treated through even more proper mouth hygiene, regular use of dental floss and brushes for areas among the teeth, balanced nutrition as well as professional teeth cleaning in the dental surgery. Studies show that lots of pregnant women suffer from a gingival inflammation when the plaque deposits are created on the teeth and gums are irritated. The symptoms of the inflammation are red, inflamed and bleeding gums. Keeping the teeth clean, especially in the areas between the tooth and gum reduces or protects the teeth from the gingival inflammation during the pregnancy. 

More and more indications show that there is a relation between the parodontitis and premature births or low birth weight, however the up-to-date scientific relation has not yet been proved.













The teeth of today have to be not only healthy but also pretty. The magic word says "bleaching". Bleaching promises shiny white smile for many years. White shiny teeth are the synonym for the health and success.

The teeth undergo a natural process of ageing. The enamel is getting thinner and thinner during the years and the dark inner levels of the teeth emerse more intensively. Colour pigments of nicotine, red wine, coffee or tea are deposited during the years in the enamel and they colour the teeth in yellow. Teeth’s whitening has been used for many years with success! Bleaching substance will cause whitening of the coloured teeth.  Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure for delicate whitening of the natural teeth. Bleaching substance resolves the disturbing colour pigments from the enamel but keeps the enamel and dentine unchanged in their substance.


Bleaching only by your dentist:

  • special whitening jelly applied to the teeth is used by bleaching. This jelly resolves the colour pigments from the tooth and the teeth get again their natural colour. Denuded dental necks have to be treated first so that there is no irritation of the tooth.
  • a special lamp which activates the jelly is used by applying of the jelly. An immediate effect is visible after circa 30-minute procedure. Depending upon the colouring and nature of the enamel, it is possible to achieve a brighter colour up to 3 grades.
  • our system operates by low temperature and is delicate for the teeth and gums. Domestic bleaching substances have to be applied for much longer period of time what irritates the gums and they are also much less efficient. Therefore we recommend the teeth whitening only by the dentist.
  • you should not smoke, drink coffee or red wine after the bleaching. In general, you should avoid red-brown food products during the first days after the bleaching.



Teeth whitening by your dentist: fast, safe and effective.