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Material testing and bio-sustainability in the dental medicine

Each material for the replacement of the tooth (filling, crown, bridge etc.) is a foreign substance for your body. Not everybody consists with each material.

Dentists are those who bring the most foreign materials into the body for a long period of time. Not everybody consists with everything well and there are change impacts of various materials in the mouth. When you do not consist with a certain material, your immune system must constantly tackle it or you get sicker. Each man reacts very individually on the materials, even gold is not suitable for everybody and also not amalgam. We cooperate closely with a centre for alternative medicine and can find you as an individual a tested material that you will consist with, for instance as a filling or denture.



REMOVAL OF AMALGAM using Kofferdam

Amalgam (in latin: amalgama) is a substance which consists half of quicksilver, half of silver, tin and copper. All the parts are added to the heavy metals. Release of the quicksilver from amalgam can be triggered through many various factors. This is a small selection:

  • chewing and bruxism
  • hot or sour foods and drinks (Cola, lemonade, vinegar etc.)
  • sugar-containing nutrition which changes the bacteria into the acids within 5 minutes
  • fluoride and abrasive tooth paste
  • smoking


Kofferdam is a gummy towel made of latex or another similar material. It is tilted over the teeth that shall be treated and the tightens the mouth up to the pharynx. It has got two tasks:

First task is to tighten up the mouth in such a way that no particles of bored amalgam are swallowed. Second task is to avoid the so called amalgam tattoos. Such tattoos occur when the amalgam particles which occur during the boring penetrate into the mucosa and they gradually release there.  The amalgam is mostly replaced with white fillings, in case of bigger defects we can offer you inlay made of ceramics or a crown.