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Implants centre


Implants are artificial dental roots. They are installed into the jaw bones and they usually get healed within 3-6 months.


The implantation gives the dental medicine great possibilities:

- The gaps between individual teeth do not need to be treated using bridges

- fix denture where there was only prosthesis possible

- hold of removalbe denture is improved


Advantages of implants

Implants are the solution for many dental-medical problems to which the conventional dentures do not know the answer:


Implants are mostly a better alternative to bridges

Using bridges, individual teeth can be aesthetically and functionally satisfactorily replaces. Their big disadvantage: In order to hold the bridge, the neighbouring teeth have to be secured by the crowns. A big part of natural dental substance is therefore lost. If you look closely, you can recognize the bridges often as a denture.

On the contrary, implants are directly inserted into the jaw-bone. Fixing on the neighbouring teeth is not necessary. When the implant is healed, the crown is inserted onto it. Implants and crowns are optically not different from the natural teeth.

Implants enable abandonment of removable partial prosthesis.

In general, the bridges are much more comfortable than partial prostheses because they are fix connected with the rest of the teeth. On the contrary, partial prosthesis is always removable.

However, the fixing of the bridge is mostly impossible in case of missing back teeth. In order to achieve a fix hold, a bridge should always be caught by two neighbouring teeth. Using implants, we generally can adjust to you a fix comfortable denture.

Implants serve to fixation of full prosthesis

The adjustment of full prosthesis is and remains a complex task by which it is often necessary to make compromises. In lower jaw it is impossible to install aftger some years a denture which perfectly fits and holds. There, the prosthesis must always keep the movements of the musculature. Mainly if the jaw falls back it leads to instability.

On the contrary, even the full prosthesis in case of disadvantageous assumptions can generally be safely fixed using implants. It is anchored via the artificial dental roots into the jaw.










Surgery treatment:

In our dental surgery, it is Dr. med. dent. Rosa who personally fixes all the implants to you. Dr. med. dent. Rosa specializes in the area of implants and dental surgery. He has been a member of German Centre for Implants (DZOI).

The insertion of implants is realized in a local anaesthesia, that means no painful treatment and possibility to go directly back home.

You should cool the operated side, majority of patients do not need a pain killer for the healing phase.

The stitches are removed after one week. The healing time is very individual, in lower jaw it is mostly 3 months, in upper jaw circa 6 months. Afterwards, the adjustment for the implant can be finished and the crown can be installed.

If you wish, the implantation can also be realized in the full narcosis.







Methods of implants provision:

Individual implants are the easiest form of provision when it is necessary to replace only one individual tooth. Individual crown is installed on an implant without necessity to grind the neighbouring teeth. In case it is necessary to replace more teeth, it is for instance possible to replace a gap of three teeth using two implants, when there is enough space between the implants.


Removable denture

In case of toothless patients, the provision of two or better four implants offers the option of perfect anchoring of the prosthesis. Therefore, the implants are connected using a cross piece. This piece stabilizes the implants and the prosthesis holds using special hold elements in the mouth without movement. The big advantage of this type of treatment is very easy hygiene possibility which is a basic assumption for a long life of the implants.


The All-on-4 treatment concept

This concept has been developed in order to offer to the toothless patients a high-quality and comfortable prosthesis treatment. The prosthesis is anchored on four (sometimes six) dental implants which are interconnected.

Advantages of All-on-4:

- provision of complete dental arch on only for dental implants

- smaller need for construction of bones

- for fix and removable prosthesis solutions

- stability even in case of small amount of bones

- very good long life operation


By All-on-4 concept, both back implants are installed in the side area of the teeth often from back to front. This increases the stability and fixture of the dental implants and can be used also in case of smaller volume of bones.


Who installs you the implants?

All the implants will be installed by Dr. Rosa personally. Dr. Rosa has got more years of experience in the area of implants on which he specializes and regularly enlarges his qualification.



You have to care for your implants. It is necessary to keep the optimal mouth hygiene in order to remove daily the dangerous bacteria plaque. Even implants are not resistant against the bones destruction which is known from the impact of parodontitis.

The visit of the dentist twice a year should be therefore by implant patients combined with the professional mouth hygiene in order to achieve long lasting success.



Risk factors:

There are many factors which have the influence on the success prognosis of the implants.

Tips for the long life with implants:

- keep the consumption of nicotine at a minimum level

- keep the good mouth hygiene

- keep your sugar level under control (if you suffer from diabetes mellitus)

- regular after-care by the dentist