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Aesthetic stomatology – crowns, inlay, onlay, bridges, dentures

Your smile is your personal visit card


The term aesthetic dental medicine is used for the part of the medicine which deals with the appearance (aesthetics) of the teeth.  The teeth form an important part of the image of a person. Pretty teeth are the symbol for the health, youth and self-confidence. On the contrary, sick teeth lead to the restriction of well-being. More and more people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Even when the teeth are healthy, they do not meet the aesthetic requirements.





Pretty, well maintained and white if possible – that is how the teeth of today should look like.

Natural oral aesthetics can only achieve good results when your dentist and dental technician are very well familiar with the basic principles of the "oral aesthetics". Harmonic aesthetic smile is created as a combination of dental (teeth) and gingival (gums) aesthetics. We offer you the complete spectrum of the modern dental medicine. Whether full-ceramic crowns, inlays, bridges, white fillings or aesthetic dentures. We are ready to advice you based on your specific needs. We use only good-quality materials produced in compliance with the EU standards.










Smaller damage on the teeth can be treated with good-quality artificial substances instead of amalgam fillings. The natural appearance of the given tooth will be repaired as perfectly as possible.



Good quality solutions for smaller defects in the side areas of the teeth are inlays which are finished in the laboratory to meet your needs. Inlay/Onlay replaces only the destroyed part of the tooth, the healthy dental substance remains intact.



More intensively damaged teeth are wrapped completely or partially with a high-quality coat made of metal or ceramics. The restored tooth remains kept in its full function. We use classic crowns made of metal and ceramics. Full-ceramic crowns without metal are an alternative which is used more and more often in the dental medicine. Its advantage is its colour and light transmission which is barely different from the natural tooth. Moreover, the full-ceramic crowns without metal do have a smaller potential for and allergic reactions.



The dental bridge connects one tooth with another. It is marked as a bridge because it is as a bridge which holds neighbouring teeth and is made of crowns. The bridges can also be made of metal-ceramics or they can be full-ceramic.



In case of more teeth missing, they can be replaced through the denture which fulfils the most demanding aesthetic requirements of today.


Types of dentures:

- partial dentures

- full dentures

- telescopic dentures

- dentures on implants











In case of all the types of dentures – crowns, inlays, bridges, dentures, as well as in case of own teeth which serve as an anchor for the denture, the perfect mouth hygiene is very important for a long-lasting life of the denture. Yearly check-ups by your dentist and professional dental cleaning twice a year belong here.